Why Use U Say?

Customer feedback helps you to understand where your business excels and where improvements are required. Collecting contact information allows you to build your customer database - strengthen and retain customer relationships, announce news and events, and drive revenue through promotions. If you don't already collect feedback from your customers, now is the time to start.
Verbal feedback is helpful - but it is not quantifiable, measured, or comprehensive. Customers often don't bother to give negative feedback, and just don't return. Plus negative feedback is rarely passed along to the manager by other employees.
If your customers are consistently happy, U Say's social media tools offer the perfect opportunity to prompt them to spread the word on Facebook and TripAdvisor while the eVoucher feature can be used to bring them back more often. And of course building a database with the contact details of happy customers is invaluable.
Rather than waiting to read about a poor customer experience days or weeks after the fact, managers and owners can be alerted to problems before the customer leaves - giving chance to repair the damage before the customer leaves unhappy.
U Say far and away outperforms paper feedback forms. In terms of data collected, businesses using U Say have reported increases of over 1,000% in feedback response rates. And of course collecting contact information digitally means that names and email addresses are always legible and that staff cannot intercept negative feedback.

Technical Requirements and Specs

Yes, but the iOS app has the advantage of not needing to be online when a survey is completed. During periods where Internet access is unavailable, all survey data is automatically saved to the iPad. Once the iPad connects again to the Internet and the app is opened, all data is immediately forwarded to the client's account.
Surveys can be added to an unlimited number of devices.
Discounts are available for use at multiple locations. please contact us for more details.


Whether it's something as simple as generating a graph showing the levels of overall satisfaction by day in a given month or a more complex task like comparing one branch of a business to another, U Say has you covered. Select the data, then just click to view the corresponding chart or graph.
You can export all or selected data sets in CSV format, and can also export charts and graphs in PDF format.
The survey data collected via the U Say app/mobile solution is private and confidential. All data collected belongs exclusively to the client. U Say does not use your data itself nor does it share the data with any third parties. The U Say app connects to the server via an encrypted connection and all data is stored on a secure server.

Other Questions

Our clients include restaurants, hotels, spas, hospitals, tour operators, conference organizers, and more. U Say is used by a wide array of organizations, large and small, across numerous industries and countries. If you have customers, U Say can help your business.
The team at U Say sets up and customizes your entire survey. However, at any time you can log in to your account to edit question and answer text, upload a new logo, change colors, customize the background and more.
U Say is available in over 25 major languages, and each survey can be set up in multiple language to suit your audience.
Currently the U Say is available for iOS (iPad and iPad mini). An Android app is under development. The mobile version of U Say works with tablets, smartphones and desktops.
If you're not able to hand out iPads directly to your customers, you can placing the iPad in a secure stand. Also you can print your survey's unique QR code and URL on receipts, menus or dedicated cards.