U Say Key Features

  • Multiple feedback channels
    Collect feedback via our iOS app on an iPad handed to customers, or let your customers provide feedback on their mobile devices by entering a short web address or by scanning a QR code.
  • Fully customized surveys - adaptable for use in any business
    Include your businesses logo and exact corporate colors. Modify your questions and answers to suit your precise needs. Choose from a library of background templates and colors or use your own images to enhance your survey.
  • Pain-free set up
    Simply provide your logo, plus a few simple pieces of information, and the dedicated team at U Say does the rest!  We can help with sample question sets for your industry to make life even easier.
  • Instant results
    Receive the results instantly as soon as the survey is completed. Receive Alerts in real time either by email or text.
  • Custom management alerts
    Individual managers can select custom criteria to receive email alerts when e.g. service satisfaction is less than 50%.
  • eVoucher reward system
    Provide an incentive for your customers to complete a survey whilst also giving them a reason to come back. eVouchers can be redeemed in real time online and different offers can be tracked and compared to understand which are most effective.​
  • TripAdvisor auto prompt
    When the score of a survey meets a threshold of your choice, you can opt to immediately send a thank you email including a link to your TripAdvisor page. (Coming Soon)
  • Data buffered in the event Wifi/3G signal is lost
    With the iOS app, continue to collect feedback even if your internet connection goes down. As soon as the iPad is reconnected to the internet and the U Say app is opened, all the gathered data will instantly be uploaded.
  • Reports and analytics
    Understand the data collected in an instant. Painlessly generate charts and graphs. Compare different time and date periods. Contrast one branch of a business with another. Export all data at any time.