Why use U Say?

  • Collecting feedback is vital to success!
    If you don’t have the ability to easily collect feedback and make sense of it all, then your efforts at improvement are reduced to guesswork. U Say allows you to measure and quantify every aspect of your business where it touches your customers - then improve accordingly.
  • Radically increase your feedback response rate
    Even if you already collect feedback with paper forms, the response rate is generally poor. Few customers make the effort to complete surveys with pen and paper unless they are truly upset or extremely satisfied.  It is not unusual for businesses to experience an increase in their feedback response rate of 1,000% or more after switching to U Say.
  • Generate repeat business
    Reward customers and drive repeat business by utilizing the unique eVoucher feature. This provides the perfect incentive for your customer to provide feedback, whilst boosting your trade. (Coming Soon)
  • Greatly improve your online reputation
    Waiting for customers to respond to a post-visit survey or waiting to publicly reply to negative online reviews is passive and outdated. Not only is feedback provided in the moment more accurate, collecting feedback whilst the customer is still on the premises allows staff to address any issues immediately, effectively turning a potential negative online review into a positive one. With U Say’s Management Alerts, the right people in your organization are instantly alerted when a customer is unhappy. With the Facebook integration and TripAdvisor auto-prompt features, happy customers are encouraged to spread the word, improving your online reputation.
  • Improve the customer experience and pinpoint key issues
    You can’t always guess what you could be doing better – and without an easy non-confrontational way to do so, many customers just don’t pass on their thoughts to you. Just because you are busy currently, you can’t assume that there is nothing that could be improved upon. Powerful reporting and analytics makes it is easy to identify your businesses strengths and weaknesses in addition to spotting trends over time.  Use U Say to measure and quantify before and after minor and major changes are made in your business.
  • Quickly build a customer database
    In any industry, collecting the contact details of your customers is vital. Some of U Say’s biggest clients are restaurants at major hotels. Management realized that while they of course could contact their hotel guests with special offers, promotions, and news, they had no way of doing so with even the most frequent walk in guests at their food and beverage outlets.
    This represented a massive lost opportunity and these U Say clients are now adding the names and email addresses of thousands of customers to their database each month.
  • Eliminate tedious data entry work & “lost” forms
    Even when paper forms are completed, the handwriting is often illegible - and poor reviews have a strange way of disappearing before they reach the manager. Information from paper forms has to be entered into a database by hand and reports then created manually – a tedious process prone to error.
  • Team performance
    Because a survey can be attributed to a certain team member, understand who is performing well and who could benefit from further training.   
  • Easily compare different branches in the same organization
    In an instant, see which outlets are thriving and which need attention.